"The craftsmanship is very intricate and solid and the design is like no other that I have seen. The table has brightened up my room with its beauty and warmth and is a focal piece of conversation."


"This is a gorgeously crafted cherry wood dining table with tons of character and rich golden shades. Not only do we receive countless compliments on its simple beauty, but it is also a very solid piece which will last for generations."


"I have purchased a lot of furniture from Bowes Woodworking. His design is new, creative and contemporary. The way he works with the wood, it's almost like the furniture comes to life."


"It's all about the wood. We love this graceful cherry end table with delicate curved legs. But it's the simplicity of bringing out the beauty in the wood that matters. Look at the top grain, it shimmers and glows."


"This is a bold piece you could never find in a furniture store. Peter Bowes doesn't try to minimize the different colors and stripes in the wood, he celebrates it. Look at the closeup: see the fire in the grain? Magnificent."


"Such a beautifully crafted piece--one of a kind. I feel happy to see it whenever I go to bed and wake up in the morning."


"It is beautiful, he really brings out the richness of the walnut. It is an expertly crafted coffee table."


"Just yesterday I was appreciating the beveled edge that makes it more comfortable for the arms. I love how sturdy it is and the gorgeous wood."


"I love this piece because it brightens up the space. It looks good on its own with or without a center piece."


Knoxville, TN 37918. USA